Vestilo is a polish brand created for elegant women who prefer unique style and appreciate craftsmanship as well as high quality of the garments. AJW Vestilo is a family business, founded and run by Anna and Jan Wyszynski since 1987. The company has been manufacturing clothes and textiles for polish and foreign customers since the very beginning of its existence. Vestilo is currently among the most popular brands within women clothing. Many years of experience together with constant observation of current trends allow us to present clothes inspired by those of the biggest fashion houses. Our continued cooperation with leading manufacturers of fabrics and accessories makes our garments look original and modern at the same time. Vestilo designers draw ideas for new collections not only from the work of top fashion designers. They look for new solutions by taking into consideration suggestions and expectations coming directly from their customers. A wide range of products with extraordinary design, available in a large number of colors is a result of over 30 years of experience in the field along with persistence of our designers for finding unique trends in woman’s fashion.

Currently, Vestilo’s main occupation is manufacturing women’s clothing such as: dresses, skirts, blouses and coats. Our brand’s biggest assets include high quality fabrics, excellent fit and finish, a variety of designs and unique short series.

The company has an efficient and modern production hall based on virtual-designing systems and specialized equipment that allows us to complete every order. Vestilo hires a highly qualified stuff. The designing department creates garments for women that are demanding and follow the latest trends in fashion. For our clothes we only use the best quality fabrics coming from Poland as well as Italy, France, Spain and Germany. The company continues to grow, introducing new technologies and fabrics while remaining focused on the design.

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